Ryan Stumphauzer Quoted in Atlanta Journal Constitution Article Discussing Medicare Fraud Trends and Enforcement Priorities

Published 6.1.2012

The Atlanta Journal Constituion published a front-page article on Sunday, May 27, 2012 to discuss the rampant proliferation of health care fraud schemes in Georgia, especially the metropolitan Atlanta area.  The investigative reporter, Michael Pell, interviewed a number of Medicare fraud experts, as well as current and former federal prosecutors,...

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Ryan Stumphauzer Interviewed on CBS News Regarding the Trayvon Martin Investigation

Published 4.10.2012

CBS News Chief Investigative Reporter Michele Gillen interviewed three South Florida law enforcement and legal veterans for their views of the Trayvon Martin shooting.   Gillen focused on the national outrage and widespread demonstrations that were sparked by the failure of state and federal authorities to arrest George Zimmerman, the neighborhood...

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Ryan Stumphauzer Featured in Reuters Special Investigative Report "Mediscam"

Published 12.22.2011

On December 21, 2011, Thomson Reuters published a Special Investigatove Report titled "Mediscam:  How Criminals Easily Form Fake Companies to Swindle Millions from Medicare."   The story was the latest segment in Reuters' multi-part series titled "Shell Games," which highlights the widespread use of U.S. shell corporations to execute...

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Ryan Stumphauzer Quoted in Washington Post Article Concerning Hospice Industry Kickbacks & Improper Financial Relationships

Published 12.17.2011

On December 18, 2011, the Washington Post published an article that was critical of the hospice care industry, which has grown explosively in recent years, and which is 90% taxpayer funded via the Medicare program.  The Post article concluded that such growth was based in part on illegal kickbacks and tainted financial relationships. The Post...

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