Defense of Compounding Pharmacy Owners and Compounding Pharmacists

Compounding pharmacy owners and compounding pharmacists can expect intense government scrutiny, especially if the pharmacy distributed pain, scar and other compounded formulations that were reimbursed by Tricare via Express Scripts or CVS Caremark. The government has focused on several issues, including:

If you are a pharmacist or a pharmacy owner, and if you have received a subpoena, civil investigative demand or have other reasons to believe you are under investigation, it is imperative that you hire a Miami healthcare lawyer who thoroughly understands the operations of compounding pharmacies, and that has a wealth of experience defending federal health care fraud investigations.

Stumphauzer & Sloman: We Have a Miami Healthcare Lawyer Available to Help You

The lawyers at Stumphauzer & Sloman are uniquely qualified to represent you in these high-stakes government investigations where pharmacy owners and pharmacists have their freedom, livelihood and professional reputation on the line. 

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