Internal Investigations

Modern businesses are exposed to a variety of internal risks.  One of the most significant is the prospect of employee misconduct resulting in accounting irregularities, theft of corporate property, misappropriation of proprietary data, or threats of inappropriate reprisals (i.e., sexual harassment, discrimination).  An allegation of improper or illegal conduct in the workplace is a serious matter for any business.  An employee's or manager’s individual actions can cost a business its reputation and subject coworkers to costly expenses. 

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Management’s response to allegations of misconduct can be the determining factor in the scope of damage caused to business interests and reputations.  More importantly, responsible handling of an allegation of misconduct may be required to avoid personal liability for managers of the business, who may be subject to disclosure obligations.  The Miami white collar criminal defense attorneys at Stumphauzer & Sloman have the skills and experience to help corporate managers investigate the facts surrounding an allegation of misconduct.  Working with qualified investigators and forensic accountants, Stumphauzer & Sloman will move quickly to preserve relevant evidence, interview knowledgeable parties, and prepare a full report for management’s review.  If appropriate, our attorneys can interface with regulators and other authorities to ensure corporate compliance, while minimizing interference with business operations. 



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